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born in 1993 in Kunming, China.

lives and works in Paris.

The practice of Chuxun Ran lies between visual arts and cinema. The issues she addresses explore both the social field and the intimate field. Her work questions the boundary of perception between imagination and reality, existence and disappearance, virtual and analog. She tries to free the film from its narrative side and transform it into a surreal collage, where each spectator is free to define their own position and perception, escaping the confinement of a story that the images would carry.

She has benefited from several artistic residencies, such as FID Campus - Festival International de Cinéma de Marseille (FRANCE), La Générale Nord-Est (FRANCE), Fieldwork Marfa (USA), and Renaissance Foundation (Hongkong). She graduated from Le Fresnoy, France’s national contemporary arts studio in 2022.

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