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The Sofa

Nantes, France




By the edge of a river, on a bridge, on a highway, in an amusement park, they transport a sofa.

They sit on the sofa.

They stand beside the sofa.

They lean against the sofa.

Why this sofa?

What does it have to do with these two individuals?

Without this sofa, what is their relationship?


In the name of the sofa, sit on the sofa, gaze at the sofa, contemplate the sofa.

Video installation 


Variable dimension

截屏2020-04-07 下午11.44.57.png
截屏2020-04-07 下午11.40.49.png
屏幕快照 2020-02-08 下午10.22.07.JPG
截屏2020-04-07 下午11.42.41.png
截屏2020-04-07 下午11.42_edited.jpg
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